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Dry Mirchi Thecha

Dry Mirchi Thecha

100 Grams

Dry Mirchi Thecha is a hot and tangy Maharashtrian-style chilli chutney that is a classic blend of few spice components that elevates your meal. Blents Dry Mirchi Thecha  has a tingling effect on your taste senses and is incredibly tasty. And, thanks to the perfect combination of Green Chilli, Peanuts, and Sesame Seeds, a small addition to your meals can make it more tasty and spicy. Bhakri, an all-time favourite combination with yoghurt, is a classic accompaniment.


  • 3 Months Shelf Life
  • A Complete Healthy Thecha.
  • An Authentic Taste.



Green Chilli, Peanut , Sesame Seeds, Sugar, Salt.

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